BB-flawless Foundation

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Truly a groundbreaking BB liquid foundation (SPF 15), 30ml. A light textured liquid mineral base with zinc oxide/ titanium dioxide UV protection, niacinamide to address skin hydration and pigmentation, and tomato-derived Lycopene, which protects the skin from environmental ageing. This product is a serious cosmeceutical treatment makeup.

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BB-flawless Nude, Ivory, Light, Medium, Warm

BB-flawless Foundation

Niacinamide – active cosmeceutical able to increase hydration levels, minimise pigmentation and regulate oil levels in skin.

Zinc oxide and Titanium Dioxide – provides natural broad spectrum sun protection and luminosity. Zinc oxide also reduces skin inflammation.

Lycopene- a potent antioxidant protects the skin from environmental ageing

Aloe Vera – potent botanical anti-inflammatory

Simply press down on lid to dispense a pea-sized amount. For best application, apply with Synergie foundation Maxibrush in firm circular motions. For added coverage if needed, finish with Second Skin Crush Loose minerals.

Light to Dark Colour Tones:
1. Ivory
2. Nude
3. Light
4. Medium
5. Warm


*This product is only available for purchase in clinic, or over the phone for existing clients at 1300 Chique.

We stock a complete range of Synergie Skin cosmeceutical skin care and mineral makeup products in our clinic and restrict online purchases. If you are an existing client and would like to access these products, please contact us via phone or email.  If you are interested in finding out more about Synergie Skin products and their suitability for your skin, book a skin consultation with us today.

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